Here at Character D we take great pride in what we do.   For that reason we have a great appreciation for others that work hard on their craft and help make your biggest day something to remember.  We are happy to market these businesses because they are "tried and true".  You won't be disappointed.  We promise.

Of course we are biased toward our own.  Joe is a wonder-kid of all things photo and digital.  He has an amazingly trained eye and produces some of the best wedding photography around.  We are so proud to have him on board.  You can see a body of his work by clicking the Mendel House logo! 

We didn't know that a person could be this talented when it comes to plants.  She has worked with us on so many different projects that when she isn't there it feels weird.  She knocks it out of the park every single time.   Click the logo to see the Busy Bee Floral website.